Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Termite Treatment

Are termites a problem in or near your house? Are you having problems eradicating these pests from your property? Then you need termite treatment! Well there goes my attempt at sounding like an infomercial. Sorry I didn’t have the miracle solution for you that works in 10 minutes guaranteed. But what I do have is a few guidelines to follow when treating against termites.

The first thing that you want to do when treating termites is first do proper termite identification. You cannot treat all termites the same and use the same method to treat each species. For example, Drywood termites do not need to burrow mud tubes in the ground that lead to their food unlike subterranean termites. So putting a chemical barrier into your soil will not be very effective against these termites. To create a solution to your problem, you have to know the variables that you are working with. No nerd talk intended.

The next thing that you will do is decide upon which treatment method that you will use. Are you going to try to treat these termites yourself? Are you going to call a professional? Will you use repellant liquid termiticides or will you use a bait system to kill them off? Each of these questions will lead you to more knowledge about how termite treatment works. Then you will know how to talk to a professional or what you will need to do to correctly apply termite treatment.

After you have put your treatment options to use, you will then want to carefully monitor their effectiveness. Check in and around places where termites were festering. Do you see any new fecal remnants? Are there any signs of termite infestation in new areas? Sometimes these treatments will cause termites to go around and find another path, so you want to make sure that you are aware of this happening before more damage is caused.

As always you should remember that the best treatment is prevention. You should never keep trash or decayed wood near your house. If you have any faucets, make sure to keep their leaks away from the foundation of your house. You don’t want to promote a high moisture environment near your property. Keep all of your gutters clean, and keep mulch around a foot away from the foundation of your house. Also avoid contact between your porch and the ground. If you do this, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about termites around your house. Good luck!


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