Sunday, July 6, 2008

Termite Treatment Options

If you have successfully figured out that you are dealing with termites through proper termite identification, then you are ready to advance into different termite treatment options. Before you get so excited that you just can’t stand reading anymore, just please note the different tracks that you can take while going after these pests. I know, you want to take some gas and burn some shit up, don’t we all?

In case you don’t know, different termite species require different treatment. Subterranean termites can be treated in a lot of ways. One way to treat them is through liquid termiticide applications. The way these work is by putting this liquid around and underneath a building where you suspect that subterranean termites live. This will put a chemical barrier around your property so that the termites will eventually die. The reason they die is because it prevents them from being able to sense their direction anymore to their colonies. Termites do not have eyes, so with their senses not functioning properly, they will eventually die of dehydration.

If you want to treat Formosan termites, then you will could use any method that you use for subterranean termites. Since they are the same species, the same termite treatment will work. Instead of a liquid termiticide, you could use a repellant termiticide. These are high toxic chemicals that will immediately kill any termite near your structure. Sounds like the best solution right? Possibly, but termites are sometimes aware of this harmful chemical and will avoid contact with it. So maybe the fire idea was good?

Now this was just an example of how two different termites could be treated. However, with every treatment option there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, liquid termiticide is great if you are on a budget. They can last for a long time, even years in the soil. They are also a pretty effective termite repellant that will immediately kill off termites. However, it is hard to block off an entire property while leaving no gaps that could later be routes for invading termites to take. If you use this liquid within 50 feet of water, then you risk water contamination.

Like anything that you do in life, you should always be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of termite treatments. So be sure to do your research. Maybe another day I will go into further detail.


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