Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Subterranean Termite Treatments

If you are dealing with a termite problem, then you probably have subterranean termites in your property. These termites are treated all of the time, so with a little research, you can find out just how to treat them or how to talk to a professional about what you want done to your yard. I hate getting shafted into quick-fixes that cost an arm and a leg because I didn’t do adequate research, and because of that, I want to you to know what should be done so that you can make sure that it gets treated correctly. Yah, I’m a nice guy…or at least I want you to think that so that you keep reading and telling your friends about this wonderful site.

I’m not going to bore you with information about subterranean termites so that I can make it seem like I have a long article for you. I’m going to tell you about what treatments do to subterranean termites and what should be done to apply it. The first treatment option for these termites is a repellent liquid termiticide. This is a chemical that is injected, like a needle in your arm, into the soil. You, or the professionals, should drill a slab into the soil and insert the treatment through that. You want to make sure that it goes deep enough to occupy the holes that these termites use to get to their food sources, which is usually a few inches into the ground. This chemical will ward off the subterranean termites and they will turn away.

Another subterranean termite treatment option is a non-repellent liquid termiticide. This is applied in the same manner as the repellent ones, except, as the name suggests, it doesn’t repel termites. Instead, it kills those sons of bitches. Termites cannot detect these termiticide in the soil so once they go through it, they immediately die. Go ahead, admit it, you want to get rid of these pests the inhumane way. Hey, if you are going to do that then you might want to try a bait system too!

Bait systems are set up through these wood monitoring stakes. When a termite is detected, a bait is given. These baits travel from the worker termites to their colonies and passed around as food. It does not kill the termites, but rather it kills the babies from living. If a colony does not have anyone to replace them, then they will eventually die out. I was always told that the best way to kill an empire was to get them to kill themselves. Why not leverage the workers stupidity to work for you? Ahh, how satisfying!

So there you have, a concise and sweet list of treatment options for subterranean termites. Just do as I say or make sure that someone else does and you will be in good shape. Maybe you shouldn’t mention the satisfaction that you get from killing innocent pests simply trying to survive…


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